Here for you

There are strict parliamentary rules which prevent me acting on your behalf if you do not live in my constituency. To find out if I am your MP, please click here and enter your postcode before getting in touch.

Some issues are not the direct responsibility of Parliament or government. If your problem relates to a local issue, such as schools, transport, housing or planning, it may be more appropriate for you to contact your local Councillor before considering contacting me. You can find out who your local Councillor is by clicking here.

How I can help

I was elected to represent everyone in the Rochdale constituency, whether they voted for me or not. I can help with a wide range of issues which are the responsibility of central government, such as problems with:

  • DWP (Department for Work and Pensions, including benefits and pensions)
  • HMRC (His Majesties Revenue and Customs)
  • Home Office (including immigration)
  • Foreign Office
  • Department of Health
  • Department for Education

If you wish to meet with me directly to discuss an issue, I do hold a weekly advice surgery. It is normally held on a Friday, and the times vary due to my local commitments. Please get in touch to arrange an appointment.

How to get in touch

When getting in touch, it would be helpful for me if you could fill in, sign and return a consent form. It may be necessary for me to share your information with third party organisations, but only where it is necessary and reasonable to do so, and I will share only the minimum amount of personal information necessary in order to advocate on your behalf. You can read more information on your privacy and how we use your data here.

You can obtain a copy of our consent form by clicking here. Please return this by email to If you are unable to complete this online, please get in touch with your postal address and I will send a copy in the post with a stamped addressed envelope for you to return it.

Office hours are between 9.30am until 5pm, Monday – Friday. You can contact me by post, telephone, or email:

 Telephone: 01706 356542

E-mail symbol Email:

 If you know of anyone that does not have access to the internet, or wishes to write a letter to me, with enclosed documents, please send to Tony Lloyd MP, House of Commons, London, SW1A 0AA, or alternatively submit the form below and a member of my team will be in touch soon:

*You must provide your address, postcode  and a contact number.