Tony Lloyd: ‘Labour will restore neighbourhood policing’

Rochdale MP, Tony Lloyd, backs plans to bring back neighbourhood policing as statistics show a 47% cut to PCSOs across the North West since 2010.

Tony said,
“People in Rochdale are right to tell me that the Tories in government are failing to keep local communities safe.

“The number of PCSOs across the North West has collapsed by 47% since the Conservatives came to power. In that time it has become a rare sight to see a police officer on the beat.

”It is unsurprising that this massive drop in neighbourhood policing in the North West has been accompanied by a 48% increase in reported robbery since 2015 and a 99% increase in knife crime.

“The next Labour government will prevent crime, punish criminals and protect communities.”

Labour has pledged to bring back neighbourhood policing by putting 13,000 more neighbourhood police on Britain’s streets, including recruiting at least 10,000 more officers, PCSOs and specials.

Labour’s plans are the equivalent of giving every constituency in England and Wales 15-20 extra neighbourhood police.


Notes to editors:

Police workforce, year to March 2022 – Tables F1, F3)

Police workforce, year to March 2016 – Tables F1, F3)

Crime in England and Wales, police force area data tables (Year to Sept 2022 and Year to Sept 2015) –

Labour’s extra officers will be funded through a Police Efficiency & Collaboration programme, establishing: Centralised standard-setting for procurement (at least £225m);
Increased collaboration on shared services and specialist functions (at least £145m).