Tony Lloyd to Conservatives: “Be brave, seize the moment and tell Mr Johnson it’s time for him to leave Downing Street”

The overwhelming majority of serving police officers go to work wanting to keep the public safe so it’s shocking that our local Police Force across Greater Manchester is in special measures.  It is shocking that response times even for emergency calls are getting longer and that the rate of detection for serious crimes is at a modern low.  This is the result of twelve years of the wrong kind of decisions about our public services.  I could have written that it is shocking that ambulance waiting times have gone up, that waiting lists in our hospitals are shooting up, that our schools need real investment to give our young people the start in life they deserve.  It’s especially shocking at the moment that increasing numbers of families even with working parents are being forced to choose between the essentials of life – eating or heating, or shoes or clothes for the kids.  Our foodbanks are struggling to cope.
At the top of this is our Prime Minister, the blundering Boris Johnson.  His fingerprints are all over these crises.  Mr Johnson doesn’t do detail but a Prime Minister needs to. Mr Johnson hasn’t got empathy which a Prime Minister needs to have. Partygate shows this and just how casual and indifferent the Prime Minister is when he tells us we can all move on. Tell that to those who buried their loved ones without being able to say goodbye.  Tell that to the doctors, nurses and carers who are exhausted after Covid but will be offered very little in return.   That’s why we just can’t move on from Partygate. It matters because it shows the Prime Minister’s character, it matters that he lied to Parliament and it matters because it’s one of the many examples of why he should not be  Prime Minister.
There are 359 Tory MPs in Parliament and bit by bit they are outing themselves calling for the Prime Minister to go.  Some of them are calling for him to go because he is not fit to be Prime Minister, some  to save their own skins.  But whatever the reason Tory MPs en masse must act now to eject him from office for the sake of the country.  That’s why I am calling on local MPs like Chris Clarkson in Heywood and Middleton, like Jake Berry in Rossendale, like James Daly in Bury North to be brave, seize the moment and tell Mr Johnson it’s time for him to leave Downing Street.  

This article was originally published in the Rochdale Observer on 4 June 2022.