Tony Lloyd MP: Let’s fast-track visas for Ukrainian students and academics

Rochdale MP, Tony Lloyd, is calling on the government to create a fast track visa scheme for Ukrainian students and academics, to allow those who have been displaced to continue their studies and carry out research.

Tony said, “It’s only sensible that we support the thousands of students and academics that have been disrupted and displaced by Russia’s illegal invasion and occupation of Ukraine.

“Higher education is one area in which the UK visa system can be expanded. Students studying core subjects such as engineering and medicine must be able to continue their studies, as their skills will be crucial in reconstructing Ukraine.

“Offering this opportunity with appropriate support in the UK’s higher education system is just one small, but important, step in realising our commitments to the Ukrainian people.”

Tony joins 136 cross-party MPs and Peers in writing to the Home Secretary, Priti Patel, calling on the government to expand the £3 million offered through the ‘Researchers at Risk’ programme to support domestic institutions, and the Ukrainian students and academics brought into the U.K. through the fast-track visa route.

The visa scheme will provide a temporary sanctuary for skilled people, all or most of whom will want to return to Ukraine to help rebuild Ukrainian civic institutions, politics, culture and economy’.

The move has also been supported by Universities UK, an organisation that represents 140 of the UK’s universities.