Tony Lloyd: ‘Thank you, Rochdale postal workers’

Rochdale MP, Tony Lloyd, visited the Royal Mail Delivery Office to thank postal workers for the service they deliver as key workers, and for keeping our communities going throughout the pandemic.

Tony said, “Today is National Postal Workers Day. We ask a lot from our posties and you can’t guarantee it will be the most pleasant job, and given the Rochdale weather, it really is come rain, hail or shine. And they have to put up with the occasional dog that is more malicious than it should be allowed to be. But our posties get on with it and the mail gets through.

“At this time of year in particular, when we know that postbags will be especially heavy, we must offer our thanks for the hard work that the posties do week in, week out. They really have kept our communities going through this difficult year, and they’ll continue to do so all throughout 2022.

“They’ll be working hard over the Christmas and period and through the New Year. I would like to wish a Happy Christmas to all those who deliver our mail.”