Tony Lloyd MP backs new law to help those with Down’s syndrome

Rochdale MP, Tony Lloyd, met with representatives of the National Down Syndrome Policy Group in support of a new law which will help improve provision and outcomes for all those living with Down’s syndrome.

Tony said,
 “I am delighted to be supporting the Down Syndrome Bill. For the first time people with Down’s syndrome are beginning to outlive their parents.

“If we do not make provisions for this then there will be inevitable human tragedies.

“Not only do we have an opportunity to address this situation, but we can go much further ensuring those with Down’s syndrome can access Health, Education and Social Care services.”

The Government announced last week that it will support the Down’s Syndrome Bill. This means the Down’s Syndrome Act 2022 (as it will become) will improve provision and outcomes for all those living with Down’s syndrome in England. This will encompass, amongst other areas, maternity care, education, health, social care and employment.

The National Down Syndrome Policy Group has launched a new campaign in support of the Bill. The ‘Stand Up for Down Syndrome’ campaign includes a petition which has attracted the signatures of 30,283 people with Down’s syndrome, their families and supporters. Thousands of constituents have also written to their MPs as part of the campaign urging them to support the Bill.


Notes for editors:
• For more information, see the National Down Syndrome Policy Group website or email
• Stand Up for Down Syndrome Campaign and Petition
• People with Down’s syndrome who are trustees of the Down Syndrome Policy Group welcome the introduction of the Down Syndrome Bill:
• Down’s syndrome bill could be world’s first, says former cabinet minister