Rochdale MP reacts to Brexit saying the deal leaves ‘too many gaping holes’

The Labour MP for Rochdale has reacted to Brexit, saying that the last-minute deal struck by the government leaves ‘too many gaping holes.’

Tony Lloyd said, “No Deal would have been disastrous for employment and industry in Rochdale. But Boris Johnson’s deal is lacking in so many ways from national security to basic economic management. 

“People in Rochdale go to work across the North West where services are overwhelmingly the dominant economic and employment base, but there is virtually no mention of that in the deal. Schemes like Erasmus, allowing our young people to travel and study abroad, we’re no longer a part of. 

“Fishing, which we were told was a red line issue, has been sold out. Perhaps most worryingly of all, Scotland is potentially heading for another independence vote, but breaking up Great Britain was never on the agenda.

“The reality is that Brexit isn’t done. Prime Minister Johnson has left too many gaping holes.”

You can read the full article, published on 31st December 2020 on the In Your Area website, by clicking here.