Carers Rights Day 2020

Carers Rights Day is a national awareness campaign designed to ensure carers get the advice and information that they need so they can access the help and support they are entitled to. It is vital that unpaid carers are recognised and given the practical help and support they need to care safely and appropriately.

The pandemic has no doubt been a difficult time with many caring for more hours without access to their usual help or support.

Below are some resources and information to help carers be informed about their rights.

Flexible Working Guide

Carers UK are launching a new guide to help carers understand the different forms or flexible working, as well as to offer practical tips on how to ask your employer to change your working arrangements. You can read the guide here.

Flexible Working Films

As part of our  partnership with Barclays LifeSkills, Carers UK are launching a series of short films to encourage carers to understand the different types of flexible working, how to think about what types of working arrangements that might help them to manage work and care, and to share stories of the experiences of working carers. You can watch the films here.

Looking After Someone Guide

‘Looking After Someone’ is the Carers UK’s annual guide to our carers’ rights and the practical and financial support available. You can read the guide here.

Self-Advocacy Guide

Carers UK has produced a new Self-Advocacy Guide for carers. This helps carers navigate a confusing system, and to give carers the practical guidance they need to get their voices heard in often complicated and challenging circumstances. You can read the guide here.