Victims of the Grooming Gang Let Down

Tony Lloyd, MP for Rochdale, responding to reports that members of the Rochdale Grooming Gang are able to roam the streets of Rochdale, commented as follows:

“As far back as February when these rumours first emerged, I spoke with Robert Buckland, the Justice Secretary in Parliament and followed this up in writing, asking to meet him to discuss this appalling news. Due to the Coronavirus lockdown, that meeting obviously could not take place.

“Robert Buckland did however reply to my letter, and I include a copy of his response below.

“If I were one of the victims of the Grooming Gang, I would be furious at this response and I am furious on their behalf. I’m now requesting an urgent conversation with the Justice Secretary to see what steps can be taken to ensure these women do not have to live in fear of bumping into their attackers in their home town.”

RB Response
Response from Robert Buckland MP
Letter from Tony
Tony’s letter to Robert Buckland MP