Care workers must be given personal protective equipment, demands Tony Lloyd MP

Tony Lloyd, MP for Rochdale, has written to the Health Minister as vital care workers are being left with no personal protection equipment (PPE) against coronavirus.

Tony Lloyd said, “Social care will collapse during the COVID-19 crisis if we don’t give our care workers access to PPE.

“The UK has been slow in requisitioning PPE and making it available even in hospitals as we’ve seen on our news programmes; this has put health workers of all kinds at risk. It’s right that as supplies come in they are targeted on those most at risk.

“But we do know that care workers deal with some of those most vulnerable to coronavirus so keeping care workers safe protects those they look after and that ultimately protects all of us.

“Care workers are concerned that if they fall ill they won’t be able to support themselves or their families on statutory sick pay. Even the Minister for Health and Social Care confirmed this week that he couldn’t live on statutory sick pay. But no one should have the perverse incentive to go into work because they cannot afford to be ill.

“The government has been repeatedly pressed on the issue of PPE, which may soon be getting through to our hospitals, but is not getting through to all of us who need it, particularly care workers.

“I have written to the Minister to call for real urgency now. Those who care for us at our times of need should get the help they need to do their job.”