Tony Lloyd: We Must Protect the over 75s TV Licence

The Tory Government is scrapping free TV licences for pensioners over 75 despite promising in their last manifesto to keep all pensioner benefits.

This latest cruel austerity measure is a scandal, and will affects nearly 3,500 households here in Rochdale. Tony Lloyd said:

“It is a national disgrace that our oldest pensioners will lose their free TV licences because of this Tory Government’s shameful refusal keep their manifesto promise.

Older people deserve fairer treatment than this, and we will oppose any cuts to universal pensioner benefits.

“It is an extra cost that many pensioners round here cannot afford and will leave many people in our community more isolated than before. Television is a lifeline for those who are housebound or live on their own.

“If this cruel policy goes ahead, every pensioner in Britain will know that a Tory Party promise cannot be trusted.”