MP’s call for “more police”

Slashed police budgets in Greater Manchester cannot deliver a modern police force.

Tony Lloyd, labour MP for Rochdale questions Tory Home Secretary on police cuts

Tony Lloyd, newly elected MP for Rochdale, extended his congratulations to Greater Manchester Police Chief Ian Hopkins and paid tribute to public services that reacted to recent attacks in both Manchester and London.

Mr Lloyd, who formerly held the position of Police and Crime Commissioner, said: “I set the budget for Greater Manchester police for this current year and I was faced with cuts from central Government.”

The Home Secretary, Amber Rudd MP was challenged to recognise the “real strain” on the police service and urged to end the freeze on police recruitment “to combat not just terrorism, but the things that we need a modern police force to do”, Mr Lloyd added.

Since 2010, Greater Manchester Police has been forced to cut 2,000 officers.

The government says its review will “find out what else we could do better to combat terrorism.” Speaking in the Commons, Rudd said the government would have an “open mind”, but added that it this would be “depending on what that review reveals.”