Local MPs get to work

Rochdale’s two MPs, Labour’s Tony Lloyd and Liz McInness, arrived at work in Westminster this week for the first day of the new Parliament.

Mr Lloyd, who captured the Rochdale seat from a sitting independent MP with a record 14,819 majority, said: “The government is in disarray and my job is to fight for the best deal for local people to ensure our schools, hospitals and public services we all rely on are properly funded.

“I will be a different kind of MP for the town. I will be a positive voice for Rochdale. It has decent and wonderful people, vibrant communities and a great future. People are fed up with the constant bad headlines and voted for change.

Rochdale Labour Lloyd McInness
Rochdale MP Tony Lloyd and Heywood and Middleton MP Liz McInnes arrive for work on the first day of the new Parliament

“My job is to help move the town forward.

“My priority will be to work hard with local businesses and the council to bring more jobs to the area. We’ve got a great, positive story to tell here in Rochdale, there is a bib job ahead and it’s good to be working alongside Rochdale’s wonderful neighbour Liz.”

Liz McInnes, who easily retained her Heywood and Middleton seat, which includes Bamford, Norden and Castleton, with an increased 7,617 majority, said: “Theresa May took the people for granted.

“She expected a coronation and ended up plunging the country into chaos.

“I am delighted to be back representing the people of Heywood and Middleton and I will never take them for granted,

“There is a big job ahead and a huge weight of responsibility to get a good deal for our area.”