Celebration true Lancashire style


Tony Lloyd celebrated his stunning election win in true Lancashire style. Rochdale’s new MP joined in with a performance by Littleborough’s famous Oakenhoof Cloggers at a Labour Party victory party on Sunday.

Mr Lloyd, who pulled off the biggest win in the history of the parliamentary seat, told supporters: “I am extremely proud to have been elected as Rochdale’s MP. The work starts now. I will be a champion for all that is good and positive about our town.

“I will also be a strong voice for Rochdale in parliament. We have been let down by the Tory government for too long. Rochdale needs its fair share of funding for our public services. My priority is to help make Rochdale one of the most business-friendly towns in the North to attract new investment and jobs.”

Mr Lloyd, who is expected to take up his seat on Tuesday, warned his supporters to be ready for another snap General Election, he said: “Theresa May and the Conservatives are falllng apart before our very eyes. The instability and chaos at the heart of government is bad for Britain and bad for Rochdale.

“It is important for Labour that we keep on our toes and work hard and listen to local people.

“I will be campaigning hard to ensure we get a Brexit deal that safeguards trade and jobs and an end to the harsh austerity measures that have hit Rochdale people hard. The elderly need security and our young people need hope for the future.”