Labour is hitting a chord with older people


Angela Eagle, former Shadow First Secretary of State and MP for Wallasey, visited Ian Fraser Court to meet pensioners with Tony Lloyd, Labour’s  candidate for Rochdale in the forthcoming general election.

Main topics of conversation were the Conservative threat to the Winter Fuel Allowance and the proposed Dementia Tax.

Angela Eagle said: “Residents were rightly angry about the threat to take away the Winter Fuel Allowance and their refusal to guarantee future pension rises. They were also concerned about the NHS and the long waits to get outpatient appointments and long delays they face getting even the most basic treatment.

“Despite the worries about the deterioration of public services, they were quite a cheerful group. I got a really warm Rochdale welcome.”

Tony Lloyd said: “It was great meeting the residents. We had a lively discussion which must have gone down well as they invited us to stay for lunch.

“Our senior citizens feel let down by this government. One lady said to me ‘what’s next – our bus passes?’

“Labour is hitting a chord with older people. Our triple lock guarantee on pension increases, saving the winter fuel allowance and properly funding adult care is really important.

“Labour’s manifesto is also guaranteeing no increase in the retirement age beyond 66 while the Conservatives say it should rise with life expectancy.”