Green Party supports Tony Lloyd for MP

Mark Hollinrake, the Green Party candidate for Rochdale in the 2015 general election, is voting for Labour’s Tony Lloyd on 8 June.

The Green Party is not fielding a candidate in Rochdale and Mr Hollinrake says Mr Lloyd is by far the best candidate to be the town’s MP and has the best green credentials.

Mr Hollinrake said: “Tony will be a first class MP for Rochdale. He has the experience and skills to deliver real change and improvements for Rochdale’s residents.

“Tony Lloyd stands for many things close to my heart, such as tackling poverty and inequality. Labour’s plans for a £10 living wage, investing in our local hospitals and opposing the Tory funding cuts to Rochdale’s schools will make a real difference to the lives of ordinary people.

“I am voting for Tony Lloyd and I’m urging all Green supporters to do likewise.”

Mr Lloyd said: “I’m really pleased to have the support of Mark Hollintake and many Greens here in Rochdale. I have always championed environmental issues. Our environment is precious and we must protect it for our children and grandchildren.

“Equally important is improving the opportunities and quality of life for Rochdale residents.”

Mr Holinrake added: “I have met Tony and I know he will stand up for young people – our future – by delivering smaller classes, abolishing tuition fees and supporting votes at 16.

“Tony is the best candidate to protect our environment, such as opposing fracking, cutting energy bills and investing in green, sustainable energy as the only way to achieving a low carbon economy.

“The drastic cuts to our public services – from the police to schools and from transport to looking after the elderly – mean local communities are really suffering.

“Only Labour in this election have the policies to that will offer a better quality of life for all Rochdale people. We cannot allow the Tories to take us back.

“Labour is the only party that can defeat the Conservatives in Rochdale.”