Investing in our communities


Millions have been invested in local jobs, businesses and communities across Greater Manchester as part of a drive to transform the way public money is spent.

In the last year, more than £69m has been spent with local organisations and businesses by the region’s Mayor and Police and Crime Commissioner and Greater Manchester Police, as part of improvements to how goods and services are bought.

The new approach ensures social, economic and environmental issues are taken into account, considering the wider benefit for local people. The aim is to build resilient communities, reduce demand for public services, minimise the impact on the environment and encourage volunteering.

Tony Lloyd said: “Social value is about spending public money in a way that brings wider benefit to our local community whether that’s supporting local businesses, creating jobs and training opportunities for residents, or improving the environment. Procuring decent goods and services is not about the cheapest, it’s about delivering the best quality and most effective services that also bring added value for our communities.

Between January and December 2016, Tony Lloyd’s office and GMP spent a total of £110m on goods and services. Of this £69m was spent in the North West, including £59m with 1,393 organisations based in Greater Manchester.

This includes companies such as Peugeot, which was awarded the contract for low performance vehicles. Their local subsidiary Robins and Day employs 150 people across Greater Manchester and has recruited more than 25 apprentices in the last three years, giving local people employment and career building opportunities.

AVR Group, which supplies temporary alarms for vulnerable victims and witnesses, works with local Home Watch and community groups to raise awareness of crime prevention, donates food parcels to Trafford Food Bank and provides IT equipment to local school children. They also employ local people and work with local colleges to provide training and apprenticeship opportunities.

“Making sure we support local businesses and organisations where possible is something I’ve been determined to drive forward. This approach is helping to deliver a better service to the public while supporting local labour, local people and the local economy and ultimately improving lives across Greater Manchester,” adds Tony.

Tony Lloyd’s office has also been working with the supply chain to raise awareness of what social value is and to encourage innovative contract bids.

Between January and December 2016 GMP and the Police and Crime Commissioner’s office spent a total of £110,250,849 on goods and services, including:

  • £69m with organisations in the North West
  • 59m with Greater Manchester organisations (GMP = £48M, Police and Crime Commissioner = £11m)
  • Of the 2,600 suppliers, 1,393 are based in Greater Manchester (GMP = 1,238 suppliers, Police and Crime Commissioner = 155 suppliers)

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